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Repairing a Moenstone Composite Granite Sink

A few years ago we remodeled our kitchen and went with an undermount Moenstone sink. This Thanksgiving I noticed a hairline crack in the bottom. We called Moen and they were willing to give us money or a new sink as part of the warranty (which is great!), but the sink is undermounted. We'd probably need to remove the entire countertop to put a new one in, and Moen no longer makes them. Our choices were either to repair it, install a drop in sink, or maybe find another undermount sink with a similar profile. A new undermount probaby requires taking off the countertop and recutting.  A drop-in requires recutting the counter.  Ugh! So... I researched how to repair composite granite sinks.  I didn't find a whole lot of information. Some people suggested epoxy. We are one day (2015-12-19)  into our repair, still waiting for the glue to set, but I wanted to document my process. The foundation for our repair is a Simpson Strong-Tie product I found for repairing cracks in ce