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Keeping a cd history in the Bash shell

Often I find myself wanting to cd back to a directory -- but never the exact previous one I was already in (i.e., cd -)!  It is usually the directory I was in just a few of cd's ago. I was considering writing a bash shell function that more or less aliased cd to pushd with some cleanup to keep the stack only about 10 levels deep. But I found someone else (Petar Marinov) beat me to this back in 2004: Add this code to your login shell and the last 10 directories you were in will be saved in a stack. Listing the previous directories is as easy as 'cd --' and going to a previous one is simple: 'cd -#' where # is the number in the history: [centos6:/tmp/ssh-ZhqNv10269]$ cd /tmp [centos6:/tmp]$ cd cow [centos6:/tmp/cow]$ cd fox [centos6:/tmp/cow/fox]$ cd fish [centos6:/tmp/cow/fox/fish]$ cd elephant/ [centos6:/tmp/cow/fox/fish/elephant]$ cd rhino/ [centos6:/tmp/cow/fox/fish/elephant/rhino]$ cd zebra/ [centos6:/tmp/cow